About Us

Our goal is to publish recipes and news about great food and nutrition.

We believe that the best food can be highly nutritious and healing, without sacrificing taste. And, that an optimal diet can accomplish a wide range of goals from better focus and mood, to reversing chronic conditions. This belief is based on science and personal experience. Both are important and everyone is different.

Analytics and Art Combined

We are interested in food that is nutritious, tasty, clean, and simple.

Nutritious – Whether vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free, or ketogenic, a nutritious diet is key for excellent health. Each and every meal is a part of the big picture. Smart combinations can meet all nutritional requires for you.

Tasty – This includes spices, seasonings, healthy fats, smart preparation, and creative combinations.

Clean – Organic if possible. Know the source and know the ingredients.

Simple – Unprocessed foods and easy preparation make it simple and sustainable.

A Short Story On How It Got Started

“In middle school, I was sad that there was no fresh fruit in the cafeteria. So, one day I asked the principal if we could get apples. He said “No”. The menu was already set. I really didn’t like that answer.

I began to wonder … what would happen if no one ate in the cafeteria for an entire week (or however long it took) and we all brought bag lunches from home and avoided the cafeteria entirely?  I talked to my friends and asked them to help spread the word. We would all bring food to share and trade and it would be fun! The boycott was set to begin Monday.

Finally, Monday arrived. Shortly after the noon lunch bell rang, I saw that the courtyard – the area just outside the school cafeteria – was awash with brown paper bags and metal lunch boxes! It was a beautiful sight and it almost felt like we were all on a picnic vacation together.

On Tuesday, there were apples for sale in the cafeteria, right next to the Sloppy Joes! It only took one day for the powers-that-be to take action. It pays to ask and organize and fight for good food. (The apples were a bit soft and not the crunchy tart ones I love, but that’s another story.)”